Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Valley Kayaks on the Way

Our next shipment from Valley is on the way, with stock of the reconfigured Nordkapp Forti among the range. Here's what Valley had to say about the boat:

"2015 is the 40th launch anniversary of undoubtedly the most influential sea kayak ever produced, the Nordkapp! Designed specifically for a 500 mile sea kayak expedition up the Norwegian coast, to the northern most point of Scandinavia, the Nordkapp marked the beginning of sea kayaks being designed specifically for extended recreational sea kayak trips.
Whilst, in these intervening years, the Nordkapp cemented its reputation as the benchmark “Expedition” sea-kayak, there were still some who believed it had, had its day. For the kayak’s 25th anniversary it went through a major face lift, in part this was to make it more user friendly, as it had gained a reputation for being unstable, especially with lighter paddlers or those paddling predominantly unladen. This Nordkapp Jubilee, as it was called, again proved very popular but some traditionalists felt that it had lost some of the originals soul. The release of the LV, some years later, gave back the liveliness those traditionalists felt they were missing but there were still those who missed something intangible, about the original.
In these past few years, whilst archiving some of Valley’s history and recording the evolution of its range, we were able to systematically look at the chronological development of the Nordkapp model. What came to light was quite revealing and has ultimately led us to produce this new 40th anniversary version!"

As well as the Forti, there is a mystery design which will hit the water here in Sydney before anywhere else in the world, stay tuned for info on that nice surprise.

We've also included the North Shore Atlantic LV, to cater for the smaller-paddler market in a plastic boat. These are now made the same way as Valley's ultra stiff triple layered RM boats, a great quality plastic boat at a great price.

Our Valley info page has also been updated with all of the new ranges, check it out in the left frame of our website (

Kayak Prices & Stock page has details of all the boat layups & colours on the way (due September 30).
Despite a drastic drop in the AUD/GBP rates, we've managed to hold pricing on all composite boats at the same levels as they have been for years, and can confidently say that Australia is now the cheapest place in the world to buy a Valley boat.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cruising the Royal

My mates from the Sutherland Shire Canoe Club invited me along last Saturday for their weekly sea paddle from Bundeena south to Little Marley Beach & back. All up it's a 20km return trip & one of the most scenic, although committing paddles, you could hope to fit into a winter morning.

On this particular day the weather was uncommonly kind, with no wind to speak of, and a minimal groundswell allowing us unfettered access to the fortress-like sandstone cliffs that line the route. The video below shows just how benign it was, and I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the raw footage to see the clarity of the water through the GoPro lens, just magic.

Rob was busy fitting out the Evoke & Pace 17 for an upcoming trip, and as usual he had all the fun boats, Nordkapp LV, Xtra & Xcite at his place, so I turned a little mournfully to the Pace 18, knowing it'd preclude me from manoeuvring in & out of the myriad rock pools & gauntlets that for once, would be open for exploration. 

After the first 2km of the paddle shot past with the GPS hovering around 10kmh, I was grateful for the speed of the Pace, and a quick look around the group should have reminded me of what I was in for. The double kayak had the better half of current mixed double National marathon champions, the back seat was occupied by the current cup holder in the mixed double ski class for the Hawkesbury. The better half of that champion ski combo was paddling a pretty slippery single, and the other two singles were occupied by Hawkesbury record holders. I was relieved when they told me they were saving themselves for a marathon the following day, otherwise I would probably have busted a boiler keeping up....

The paddle down to Little Marley was bathed in early morning light, and the hues of gold & brown in the cliffs were something to behold. Better still, we were able to paddle within touching distance of the cliffs for most of the journey, a rare treat along a stretch which generally varies between industrial & nuclear powered rebound.

As we turned into Little Marley Bob, Kate & Kristie were treated to a couple of whales playing in the morning sun, complementing the seals, dolphins & sea birds we'd already clocked up. We also had the pleasure of being chased by a school of pilchards; forget the cetaceans, you haven't lived until you've heard the mighty roar of breaching pilchards up close.

A stretch & some pics on the beach, & back in the boats for the paddle back, again treating ourselves to the spectacular cliffs, right in tight. You know it's calm when you can see the sea urchins...

Truly one of the nicest days on the sea you could imagine, a good workout, some amazing scenery, wildlife & a few laughs with a great bunch of people.

Friday, 24 July 2015

The Vajda Mission X2 - Welcome to Sea Kayaking In Style

We've recently become acquainted with the Vajda range of ocean racing skis, having been admirers-from-afar of their platinum reputation for building world class flat water race craft.

We were asked to test out a somewhat unexpected arrival at the tail end of last summer, when Vajda were prototyping a new sea kayak aimed at the entry level paddler, the Mission X2.

Whilst an entry-level sea kayak has never been something too high on our list of priorities, after all the difference between something aimed at an ambitious beginner & a seasoned but not particularly skilled veteran is a very subjective thing to define, the striking finish & features on the X2 piqued our interest.

Made from an advanced new thermoplastic called Stryolight, with an acrylic outer sheen that is miles ahead of anything we've seen in this genre. The look & finish of the X2 is something to behold, only a close second look betrays the non-composite heritage. The kayak has an angled full footplate, the PowerGlide system adapted from the superb ergonomics of their famous race craft, with the stern-mounted SmartTrack rudder system that we have come to recognise as an excellent performer at sea.
The Vajda PowerGlide Footplate & Steering System
The seating set up allows fore & aft adjustment to negate any trim issues, while the general ergonomics reflects the philosophy of correct posture that you would expect from a company squarely aimed at producing kayaks for efficient paddling.

The boat is light, weighing in at a miserly 20kg, a feature not immediately apparent due to the excellent structural rigidity of the Stryolight hull. At 5m & 57.5cm wide it's not a fast-touring thoroughbred, but clips along with a very low resistance curve at the 7-8kmh speed range within which most sea kayaker operate, with carrying capacity & freeboard to accommodate a multi day trip with room & buoyancy to spare.

Whilst not a unique entity in a crowded market of so-called entry level boats - light, stable, ruddered - the performance of the boat for the essential quality of building skills & confidence in a new paddler rates very highly. It heels over to about the same reassuringly early resistance point as a favourite like the North Shore Atlantic, turns right when you drop your left edge (which gives it an instant advantage over a couple of other designs we've seen inaction in this genre!), and generally does the right things, when you do the right things.

If you're looking to get into paddling on a budget, but like all of us seek quality in your boat choice, then this is as good an entry-level contender as we've seen. We have stock on the shelf in the vibrant red with white hull, for $2790, and have some attractive packages including paddles, PFDs, on-water orientation, & spraydecks with this boat.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Valley, North Shore & Rockpool Kayaks Cut Off Date July 27

Our next shipment of Valley, North Shore & Rockpool Kayaks is due to leave the UK in late August, and we have a box full of custom boats, made for customers who've picked their colours, layups & features.

The cut off date for the next shipment is looming, a week from today on July 27.

The next shipment also features the brand new Nordkapp Forti, Valley's latest take on their most famous classic design. Reviews from the UK have pointed to it's impeccable lines, superb behaviour downwind, and many are hailing it as the best Nordkapp yet. Valley's press release with all details about the boat is HERE.
The Nordkapp Forti
Also available for the first time is the new Rockpool Tarantella, another fast tourer for the lighter paddler.

If you'd like to have a Valley, North Shore or Rockpool boat made the way you want it, with a clear carbon kevlar hull, or in colours to match your dream design, then please let us know.
Those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the return of the Valley Gemini SP RM, rest assured you'll have your boat prior to the coming warmer weather. We have all three colours coming & plenty of stock. Here's a reminder of just what this awesome little playboat is capable of.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Winter Safety - The rescueME EDF1 Electronic Flare & Delorme inReach Explorer

The water has gotten cold, daylight hours have shortened, and general safety margins on the sea are lower at this time of the year than they are at any other.

Now more than ever it's important to be diligent with your float plan, and carry the right kit to minimise your exposure in potentially cold water if something does go wrong.

Even a simple afternoon paddle of 16km around the Cape Bailey & Solander peninsula with a mate last week was something to be taken very seriously, and that was without any marginal weather. As a minimum, I considered it pertinent to let Rob know our launch spot, expected finish time & place, potential get-out points, and also committed to a call at the time I expected to be safely off the water.

I was also testing out a new addition to our range of safety gear, the Delorme inReach Explorer. This has a similar tracking functionality to the well regarded SPoT tracker, with the very big additional feature of two-way communication via satellite SMS. So unlike SPoT which allows a pre-set message to be sent with the press of a button, the Delorme inReach Explorer allows a 160 character text message to be sent with GPS co-ordinates to a mobile phone or email account, Facebook or Twitter, to which your receiver can reply. It also has the SOS feature that your PLB or SPoT carry, although it's not meant to replace an EPIRB or PLB for sea kayakers, as the emergency message is beamed to in international hub before being relayed to AMSA. 

Our Delorme inReach Explorer secured to Mark's Swordfish footwell.
The tracker drops a map pin every 10 minutes, which Rob could have referenced if he was concerned about us not making our call-in time (see below):

It's Waterproof and dustproof (IPX7 - withstands incidental water exposure of up to metre for 30 minutes), with a battery life (sending one track point every 10 minutes) of 100 hours via an internal lithium polymer battery. The unit costs $529 through our ONLINE STORE, and you can then log into the Delorme international site & subscribe to any one of a multitude of subscriptions depending on your requirements. We have ours hooked up to a $16.00/month plan which gives us more text & pin drop messages than we could hope to use other than on an extended expedition.

The other new addition to our safety electronics range, and one we've only been able to test to dazzling effect in our store with all the lights out, is the rescueME EDF1 Electronic Distress Flare.

Again, whilst not legally an alternative to a red night flare, this device has myriad advantages over the traditional beacon. Unlike single use pyrotechnic flares the rescueME EDF1 can be used repeatedly in any of its four modes, ensuring continued visibility is maintained over a longer period. 

The unit is both safe to store and operate while also eliminating any worries associated with disposal. It has a number of modes, including a setting that points the quite extraordinarily bright red light away from you, and another than pulses SOS. To a rescuer, it very accurately simulates the visual signature of a red night flare, so there can't be any confusion over what the bright light on the visual horizon means. All up a very impressive piece of kit, and at $189 it pays for itself over the course of a couple of years as flares inevitably pass their use-by-date. The rescueME EDF1 is available through our ONLINE STORE for $189 delivered.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Around the Capes, Surfski for Fun....

My mate recently bought himself an elite Think Uno Max, a ski which feels like it has an outboard attached on flat water, but requires dedication to paddle in the rough stuff.

Without a background or any particular interest other than as a participant in surfski racing, I've come to regard skis as a great tool for a workout, a fast & uncomplicated craft for a couple of hours of hard paddling, with the added bonus that in any sort of following conditions they are absolutely, entirely brilliant. This kind of scenic and, due to nearly 6km of unbroken & unlandable cliffs, committing paddle is one I'd normally reserve for a sea kayak, but with Steve keen to get out & mix it up in his new ski we decided to have a crack.

A superb Sydney winter afternoon beckoned us out to sea, virtually windless. We set up a car shuffle, and left the sandy beach at Gunamatta Bay in mirror calm. Progressing around the point named after George Bass & Matthew Flinders, we then struck out across the 7km expanse of Bate Bay to Cape Bailey, an imposing sandstone wall that marks the southern edge of the Capes cliff line. A punchy but small groundswell was almost unrecognisable until we hit the line of Capes, where it threw back the sort of typical rebound that Sydney paddlers know so well.

About halfway down Steve had a lapse in concentration & did one of those slow-mo capsizes that I'm sure we've all experienced. In the cold water he had two 'nearly' remounts, and considering the looming sunset & our exposed position I suggested an assisted rescue, it was mid winter after all! He climbed back on board & took off towards Cape Solander, me struggling to foot it in the Fenn Swordfish, but doubtless feeling a little more stable.

As we rounded Cape Solander, the setting sun cleared the cliffs & put on a show to remember. Forgetting for a moment the surf ski mantra of speed & heart rates, I had to stop & get a pic or two, and I'm glad I did. 

We eased past Cooks Landing & into Silver Beach to finish up a cruisy 16km, 90 minute paddle.

Steve learnt a few lessons, first & foremost to get out & practice his remounts, but otherwise did incredibly well considering his limited sea paddling & the demanding craft he has chosen. You always wonder when someone dives into an elite ski whether they'll be committed enough to master it, & I've no doubt this was the right boat choice.

A brilliant winter afternoon ski paddle for fun & fitness, along one of Sydney's most picturesque cliff lines.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tiderace Pace 17S - Fast Touring for Smaller Engines

We're a few days away from landing our first Tiderace Pace 17S, the first fast touring design to reach our shores aimed at smaller paddlers.

It promises much, filling a gap in the market that has been wide and barren since the Taran revolutionised fast expedition paddling.

Wisely, Tiderace haven't messed with the length, but instead have chosen to make the boat slightly narrower, and with cockpit fit-out & ergonomics suited to paddlers substantially lighter than the entire current range of fast expedition boats can offer.

Like all Tiderace boats it's been designed by Aled Williams, a guy with peerless kayak design pedigree, and even though it's only been out a few months the feedback from overseas has been very positive from the people it was aimed at, lighter folks!

If you've always felt like you were swimming around in your expedition boat this may well be the kayak that consigns the foam fitout blocks to the bin forever.

Get in touch either Rob or Mark to arrange a test paddle.

You can read the full specs on the 'S' HERE

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The EK SkegFoot Foot Plate System

Hot on the ‘heels’ of the BigFoot system we have developed the SkegFoot; a footplate based on the same design features but without the pedals on top of the plate. It is also a little wider to deal with the broader foredeck that is found in a lot of the more maneuverable boats.

Ideally suited to boats like Tiderace Xcite, Xcite S, Xtra, Xplore and most of the Valley kayaks, it is a simple matter to fit as the fixing screw holes are spaced the same as for the existing factory fitted tracks. 

It works in much the same way as a bulkhead footrest allowing a wider range of positions for anchoring your feet so you can transfer the power from your legs and trunk more effectively. In particular the SkegFoot will allow you to move your feet closer together for better alignment of hips and knees. Better alignment can, in turn deliver more power from your core and better posture without compromising the connection between your body and the boat. The advantage it has over a bulkhead footrest is the obvious one, adjustability; but it also means your boat is a more appealing resale one day in the future, without having to find a buyer with the same leg length as you!

There is a finite range of adjustment on the footplate so it is best to email us with your boat model when you order, if it is part of our current product range then we will be able to advise straight away of compatibility, but in most cases it will just be a matter of bedding the skegfoot side rails in sealant and fixing them through the existing holes drilled for the original factory fitted tracks.

Most similar model kayaks from other manufacturers should also be compatible with the SkegFoot and so far we have been surprised with just how many different boats these plates will fit. The bolt holes are set to match the Yakima, KajakSport & SmartTrack spacing, which tend to be the industry standard.

All BigFoot and SkegFoot plates come with long width-adjusting screws to accommodate those who want to custom build a bigger full foot plate to fit over the existing one. These long screws will easily hold plastic, marine ply or alloy sheet material up to 12mm.
We feel that the SkegFoot is a tangible improvement over the current small surface-area pegs that are fitted as standard to most skeg boats. It is a simple, sturdy retrofit component locally built and designed to improve comfort and performance when used with sound paddling technique. Most importantly, the design is based on hard-earned experience and the feedback of hundreds of local paddlers and it has been field tested in real sea kayaking conditions.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Which Surfski for Me?

Surfski paddling on the new breed of ocean racing skis, has moved very quickly in recent years from the exclusive domain of elite surf lifesaving athletes, to one where even the most modest of recreational paddlers can now enjoy the rush of chasing a wave in these sleek boats.

The turning point, without question, was the breakthrough Epic V8, released in 2010 & offering a super stable ski, and genuine performance for paddlers entirely unskilled in the sport of ski paddling. The attraction was easy to identify. These craft are light in comparison to most kayaks in the same price range, simpler to paddle with a very responsive rudder, with the advantage of hull speed for fitness, and stability for the fun part of the sport on open water. If you're not looking to journey or develop kayak-specific skills, they're a very uncomplicated & accessible craft.
Other manufacturers have followed on with their own more user-friendly designs, so the picture for a prospective buyer is now much more clouded, for anyone attempting to weigh up the relative merits of different skis, in different stability & performance categories.

To simplify, but by no means comprehensively define these different skis, we've put together a guide to the boats we have both paddled enough to gain a good appreciation of the attributes of each, and also sell as part of our stable of skis from the leading brands Epic, Fenn, Think & Vajda. We have demo boats on hand for most of the designs summarised below if you'd like to give one a try in live conditions.
photo by Alan Coker (
Note, our impressions of these boats are based on our own paddling. Both Rob & I consider ourselves competent enough on each of the skis listed to paddle them well in moderate conditions, so we're not speaking from the perspective of elite ski paddlers, more for the viewpoint of enjoying the skis in the conditions for which they were designed.
We have coached & instructed scores of paddlers over the past couple of years specifically aimed at making them competent enough to enjoy open water in their ski, as opposed to shaving a few minutes off their race time. In many cases our views vary slightly from the manufacturer's own spiel; we're attempting to simplify this at-times confusing market place with a simple statement about how each ski differs, from our brand-neutral viewpoint.

The sorts of typical conditions I enjoy paddling are summarised in the short video below, to give you an idea of where we paddle these skis & the kinds of adventures you can have! It's not a race, it's not scary, it's just great fun, accessible to all with the right boat & a bit of dedication.

Broadly, the sport has evolved into three categories; Entry Level, Intermediate, and Elite:

Entry Level Skis
With the starting point that surf skis are designed for moving water, each of these ski designs combine varying degrees of glide and 'run' in the following seas in which they excel, with stability to allow the less experienced paddler the opportunity to get to know the dynamic environment of the ocean.

Vajda Raptor (ABS Plastic)
An entry level ski made from a tough, durable & incredibly stiff thermo-formed ABS plastic known as Styrolite. A flat planing hull provides stability, while the narrow forward section of the boat provides a close catch & excellent ergonomics. Features the same durable snap closing KajakSport hatches that feature on Rockpool & Tiderace expedition kayaks, ensuring a rear hatch seal with integrity, and enough capacity for a long weekend away camping. Suited to slightly lighter paddlers, with a weight range up to about 95kg. 
Length 534cm
Width 53cm
Weight 20kg
Paddler Weight 55-95kg

Epic V7
The new Epic V7 sets a new standard for rotomold performance. It is lightweight, extremely efficient, and easy to handle. The V7 is outfitted with the same high quality fittings as every surfski in the Epic lineup, including the carbon fiber footboard and pedals and the hugely popular Epic designed bailer. In addition, it features an aft storage compartment with a lightweight hatch. 
Length 520cm
Width 54cm
Weight 20kg
Paddler Weight 65-110kg
Fenn Bluefin
A super stable, heavily rockered ski designed to catch waves & run on the sea. If you're looking for the perfect boat to get you out into rough water & actually riding waves, there isn't a better boat on the market to inspire confidence & do what a surfski is supposed to do. You can see a video of the Bluefin in action HERE
Length 590cm
Width 53cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 70-110kg
$2600 (Fibreglass - 17kg) $3100 (Vac Glass 14kg) $3500 (Hybrid 12.5kg) $4200 (Carbon 10kg)
Think Eze
Unquestionably the best entry level ski on the market for smaller framed paddlers. Short, nimble, light & quick for it's length, with Think's renowned disciplined seating position. 
Length 520cm
Width 51cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 50-85kg
$2995 (Performance - 15.5kg) $3995 (Elite 12.5kg)

Think Ace
Along with the V8 the base line ski in the market, designed to be easy to paddle for even the greenest paddler. Features carry handles, and also the lightest ski for the price. 
Length 522cm
Width 53cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 75-110kg
$2995 (Performance - 15.5kg) $3995 (Elite 12.5kg)
Vajda Hawx 52
A cut above the pure entry level skis, but one you're not likely to grow out of as you improve. The fastest of the stable boats, with Vajda's excellent carry strap system & peerless European build.
Length 553cm
Width 51cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 65-95kg
$3490 (Racing - 14kg) $4690 (Elite 11kg)
Epic V8
The ski which single-handedly broadened the sport of surfski when it was introduced a few years ago. Stable, solid on the water, and built to Epic's exacting standards. The easiest surfski to paddle on the market. You can see a video of the V8 in action HERE. 
Length 549cm
Width 56cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 70-110kg
$3195 (Club - 17kg) $3995 (Performance 15.5kg) $4995 (Ultra 12.5kg)

Intermediate Skis
Intermediate level skis by definition should look after a paddler with good technique, allowing them to get the boat out into more challenging water and enjoy it, rather than dread it. Fast enough to ride ocean runners but without the sheer glide of the elite skis, these are designs that are sympathetic enough to allow a good percentage of improving paddlers to graduate into.
Fenn Swordfish
A dynamic, nimble, surfing ocean ski in the Fenn tradition of producing skis that are meant to be in waves. Now with an improved seat & 'hump' position, manufactured in South Africa. The Swordfish is a unique ski, with performance just below the true elite level, whilst maintaining stability to burn. You can see a video of the Swordfish in action HERE.
Length 610cm
Width 45cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 70-110kg
$2600 (Fibreglass - 17kg) $3100 (Vac Glass 14kg) $3500 (Hybrid 12.5kg) $4200 (Carbon 10kg)
Think Evo II
A n extremely well reviewed surfski, with almost universally approval for the intermediate paddler looking to progress to the ocean. Considered to be as fast an any in the genre with excellent glide, and all of the extras that come as standard on Think surfskis. 
Length 625cm
Width 48cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 65-100kg
$2995 (Performance - 15.5kg) $3995 (Elite 12.5kg)
Vajda Hawx 46
Alone as an intermediate ski for the lighter paddler, and a logical step up for smaller framed paddlers from a design like the Think Eze. Stable even for top heavy blokes, and proven to be among the very fastest of the intermediate skis on the flat. 
Length 588cm
Width 46cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 55-90kg
$3490 (Racing - 14kg) $4690 (Elite 11kg)
Epic V10 Sport
Like the V8, a trailblazer into intermediate skis when originally it was an elite ski or nothing. Now even more stable, big & buoyant & as reassuring in the rough stuff as any design ever was. 
Length 600cm
Width 48cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 75-110kg
$3195 (Club - 17kg) $3995 (Performance 15.5kg) $4995 (Ultra 12.5kg)

Elite Skis
As the classification suggests, elite skis for paddlers with an elite attitude to developing & maintaining their rough water skills. Nowadays almost universally stable enough for an average paddler to handle on dead flat water, but require dedication to master on moving water, let alone in the dynamic environment of the sea.
Think Uno Max
You only have to sit in the Uno Max to appreciate the pinpoint ergonomics, this boat just feels fast. As stable as any of the elite designs, with an incredibly disciplined feel on the water. Sea Rice's craft of choice as he powered his way to the World Championship.
Length 645cm
Width 43cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 70-110kg
$2995 (Performance - 15.5kg) $3995 (Elite 12.5kg)
Think Ion
A buoyant and dynamic ski which feels light on the water & accelerates beautifully. Sits with the Epic V10 just below the stability & ability of the true elite skis. 
Length 642cm
Width 44cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 70-110kg
$2995 (Performance - 15.5kg) $3995 (Elite 12.5kg)
Epic V10
The ski which popularised the ocean racing genre, with plenty of glide, predictable, stable for it's minimal beam & designed for the rough stuff. An icon with a new configuration, bailer, and shape. Probably the most user-friendly elite-level ski doing the rounds. You can see a video of the V10 in action HERE. 
Length 650cm
Width 43cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 70-110kg
$3195 (Club - 17kg) $3995 (Performance 15.5kg) $4995 (Ultra 12.5kg)

Epic V10L
A stable elite ski for lighter paddlers, reconfigured to drop off the wetted area & increase overall acceleration. A very different animal to the original V10L, hugely popular with smaller-framed, skilful paddlers. 
Length 615cm
Width 44cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 50-85kg
$3195 (Club - 17kg) $3995 (Performance 15.5kg) $4995 (Ultra 12.5kg)
Epic V14
Along with the Think Uno Max a true elite ski for elite paddlers. Used to great effect in flat water races like the Hawkesbury Classic where it can generate K1 speeds with higher comparable stability, but in the purest form an ocean racing performance beast for paddlers with advanced skills. 
Length 640cm
Width 43cm
Weight See Below
Paddler Weight 65-110kg
$3995 (Performance 15.5kg) $4995 (Ultra 12.5kg)